Sell Materials Better
Sell on web and mobile alongside other supply stores, offer on-demand pickup & delivery, and build stronger relationships with your customers.
Become a Supplier
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Sell online and in the app

Save both your customers and your staff time on phone calls by unlocking mobile orders.

We make adding your product offering as easy as we can. If you have a website, we can grab products directly. If you have a list of UPCs from your POS, we can use a variety of public databases to find the best images and descriptions of your products.

Fully Customizable

If you have multiple locations, each can have its own product offering that you can customize any time. For example, if more residential vs commercial contractors shop at a certain location, you can tweak the offering as such.

Products are fully searchable and dynamically ranked by how frequently customers order.

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Offer Delivery

Help your customers stay on the jobsite by offering delivery. When they place an order, a Rundoo Runner can pick it up in a car, SUV, truck, or van and deliver it.  You can choose to cover this cost, or we can charge the contractor directly.

If you already offer delivery, you can augment your offering by passing select deliveries to Rundoo Runners.

Monitor Everything

You can ensure every delivery is fulfilled by using our dispatch monitoring system to track the location of all Rundoo Runners and the products they are carrying.

If you already offer delivery, we can equip your drivers with our mobile app for in-house tracking.

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Accurately Priced

We’re happy to handle prices however you want. We can hide prices from your offering and inform customers that they will receive their normal account pricing.

We also can integrate to show each customer the correct personalized tier of pricing in the app.

Gray's Paint Stores Logo

Jeff Gray

"It has been my honor to work with Rundoo for the past six months. We have recommended their ordering and delivery service to many of the Contractors that we work with.

Painting and Construction Contractors have trusted Gray’s Paints to not only provide them paints and sundries, but at times, constructive solutions to their everyday challenges—paint ordering and job site delivery being two great examples. Rundoo has proven to be an excellent solution to getting products ordered accurately and back to the job site in a timely and inexpensive manner. I would recommend them to any business who values keeping their key employees at the job site instead of running back and forth to pick up supplies."

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