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What our clients across the US have to say

Rundoo works with hundreds of stores across the US, ensuring their ability to run their businesses and serve their customers is unmatched
Meet our clientsJohn Barnes

“Change can be terrifying, especially when it comes to something as critical as a point-of-sale, but the team at Rundoo has made the experience painless. I am happy that I upgraded to Rundoo and I’m excited for future integrations!”

John Barnes

Owner of Sonoma Paint Center, California

"We’re coming up on a year on Rundoo, and we have loved it. We are confident that Rundoo will grow with us for many decades, and I want to explain why. First, Rundoo focuses on the whole experience. Second, Rundoo works around their clients rather than expecting us to work around them."

Beryl Junik

Owner of Hardware Express, New York

“Rundoo is the only system I’ve seen that has a mobile app for customers. This has transformed our customer experience by providing the convenience and immediate access to information that people today expect when they shop.”

Tommy Martin

Owner of The Paint Bucket, Virginia

“I’ll tell you three ways Rundoo has improved our business: 

1) Cash flow —
Contractors pay us faster through the app.
2) Security —
We can store cards on file without PCI compliance worries.
3) Employee training— New employees pick it up in minutes not days.”

Erin Knutson

Owner of Modesto Color Center, California
Matthew Aletti

“Most importantly, everyone learned it quickly and enjoys using it, even the people that aren’t very computer savvy. I only had to show my uncle how to take a payment on account once. He now has been running the back office successfully with no help.”

Matthew Aletti

General Manager of Harrison Supply, New York
Peter Ryczek

“The search engine is phenomenal. More and more, the paint store is taking responsibility for record keeping on behalf of their customers, and being able to provide great record keeping creates loyalty. When I’m working with a customer, I can find their sales immediately.”

Peter Ryczek

Owner of Skokie Paint, Illinois
Steve Lozano

“Everyone on my team picked it up so quickly; it's fantastic. With most other systems, it takes a lot of training since a point-of-sale system is such an important part of daily business. It's crucial that all the staff can use it properly and enjoy using it too!”

Steve Lozano

General Manager at Yes Paint, Alaska
Dan Drake

“My favorite thing about Rundoo is its speed. It loads so fast, nearly instantaneously. I can search at the stroke of a button and find anything. My checkouts are faster. The lag time of our old system was considerable, and I didn’t realize just how much it was slowing us down until I used Rundoo.”

Dan Drake

Owner of Drake's Paint & Supply, Oregon

“Rundoo promised a quick and easy switch, and they delivered on that promise. Within just two and a half weeks of my initial call with Max, we were up and running on Rundoo.”

Jeff Knab

Owner of The Paint Department, Massachusetts
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