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App screen showing home feed of suppliers

Shop for delivery or pickup

We partner with a wide variety of suppliers from paint to plumbing to hardware.

When you order, the supplier will prepare your materials. Then, either you can pick it up or a Rundoo Runner can deliver to your job site.

Choose exactly what you need

Browse and search thousands of products from each supplier.

Specify additional options and instructions to help the store prepare it correctly. We'll let you know if the store has any questions about your order or if it's good to go.

App screen showing paint product with choices for size and color
App screen showing form for reviewing and submitting order, including a choice for delivery or pickup

We'll put it on your store tab

We charge you only for delivery. We work with suppliers to put your order on your account. They will give you the same preferred prices you normally get.

If you do not have an account with the store, they will get in touch with you to receive payment after you place your order.

We'll text you updates

If you order pickup, we'll let you know when it's ready.

If you order delivery, a Rundoo Runner will text you updates as they go. To ensure you get what you ordered, they will send a picture and compare the invoice from the supplier with the products they pick up.

Phone screen showing text message conversation with delivery updates
App screen showing order history

Track your order history

Keep track of everything you've ordered.

Filter by job site to easily see what materials you purchased for each site. No more calling suppliers to find out which tool or color of paint you used on that one job site.

Redhill Painting Logo

Redhill Painting

"Really. Easy. But honestly Rundoo solves a ton of issues. I can place a pickup order at 10pm and skip the rush the next morning, I can place a delivery order in the afternoon when I'm not there. It's so good. I can't wait until you're everywhere."
Farrell Company Logo

The Farrell Company

"Over the last few months, their service has saved our employees hours of wasted time and cost doing material runs and has kept them on the job, where we need them. Projects have been able to progress efficiently, because a missing material can be delivered quickly….and tasks get done today, instead of waiting until tomorrow."
Logo for Kendy's Painting

Kendy Mendoza

"I trust Rundoo. When I place an order with Rundoo, it will be right. We've been using Rundoo regularly for months. They work with every supplier we use, so we count on them whenever we need materials. The app looks better each time I use it, and I'd highly recommend them to any contractor."
Oceanside Painting Logo

Moises Contreras

"Rundoo has saved us time and reduced how often our orders are wrong. We do a lot of business in Half Moon Bay but buy paint primarily in Burlingame, so Rundoo saves us tons of time doing that drive. And when we used to order on the phone, we'd frequently get the wrong product, quantity, or colors, but with Rundoo, we rarely have those issues. "
Logo for Golden Gate Painting

Ricardo Prado

"Rundoo has become an invaluable part of our business. I use them for pretty much every order, pickup or delivery. A lifesaver every time."


How long does it take?

95% of orders are delivered within two hours. The app will give you an estimated delivery time before you order.

How much does it cost?

Pickup orders are free. Delivery pricing depends on the distance between the store & your job site. Most are $10-$40.

When do we deliver?

We deliver immediately or at any scheduled time from 7am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

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