How Andriots Paint, Flooring, and Blinds Learned How to Ring Up A Sale - All Within The First Customer

Shelbyville, Kentucky
Shaw Flooring
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B.J. Andriot
B.J. Andriot (Center) during Rundoo's Go-Live Day.

MY DAD KICKED OFF THE BUSINESS in 1978, when I was 10 years old. Initially, I worked part-time during my school days, but it wasn't until after college in 1991 that I transitioned to working full-time at the store, and I've been at it ever since. Over the years, I've played a pivotal role in expanding the paint business, and I eventually took over. The growth has been consistent year after year, and we ended up venturing into flooring and blinds as well but our bread and butter are still the paint and flooring segments.

Matt, the Account Executive at Rundoo, reached out one day with a cold call. He walked in our store, struck up a conversation, and presented Rundoo’s features. What caught my attention specifically was how things would populate automatically. As someone who isn’t tech-savvy, I needed something user-friendly, and Rundoo fit the bill. The system is fantastic for managing paint and sundries, however, there were some challenges with flooring. To be fair, I faced similar issues with our old POS, and I know that I’m a unique store that I have flooring bundled up with paint. However, I’m confident that the issues with flooring will evolve since Rundoo is such a new company.

Our old POS had a tendency to mess up something really quickly if you didn’t know what you were doing. Rundoo, on the other hand, makes it more secure to change or delete an item or a sale. We recently hired two new clerks, and they quickly understood how to ring up a sale – all within the first customer. Rundoo has proven to be very straightforward, making onboarding and daily operations much smoother for everyone.

Transitioning to Rundoo was a breeze – everything fell into place pretty smoothly. Now, if I had to nitpick a bit, dealing with sundries required re-entering the barcode since the barcode reader only reads 12 characters. Unlike our old POS, which had various identifiers, made it a bit more flexible. On the bright side, dealing with paint is a whole different story. It's really easy and lightning-fast. I can ring up customers in a flash, getting them in and out quicker. Plus, entering color names and job names is a game-changer – once you do it once, it automatically pops up, and saving it makes future transactions a walk in the park.

The thing I appreciate the most about Rundoo is its simplicity. It’s a slimmed-down version of our previous POS. Transitioning to Rundoo has been surprisingly smooth, much easier than I first anticipated. The decision to switch wasn't solely based on functionality; it also came down to my positive impression of Matt. He's not only good at his job but is also a genuinely good person. As they say, people buy from people.

Now, I'm no spring chicken, but even for me, Rundoo is easy to figure out. Surprisingly, the young guns catch on like it's second nature. Usually, it takes me a bit longer to adapt to new things, but with Rundoo, the transition and learning curve has been very quick.


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