How Rundoo's First Remote Go-Live Was Seamless with Aurora Paint Pot

East Aurora, New York
Benjamin Moore
Previous POS
Mike Wlostowski
Owners of Aurora Paint Pot: Brian Kenyon and Mike Wlostowski

I HAVE WORKED BOTH as an employee at Glidden Paints and as a painting contractor. A few years before the COVID pandemic, I heard about a local paint store going up for sale here in East Aurora, NY. The existing business had a strong reputation among the East Aurora homeowner community, but I saw an opportunity to expand into the contractor market. The existing business had been around in East Aurora since the mid 90s, and they focused more on retail business. But being a contractor, I’ve been focused on growing the contracting side with the contacts that I have. We’ve been dealing with larger contractors, which is why we needed a new POS to track jobs, pricing and better our monthly statements to them. We pride ourselves in customer service and saw an opportunity with Rundoo to expand on that idea.

We first learned about Rundoo through Benjamin Moore. A representative told me about it and I looked it up the next day. We got hooked up with Max within the week, and we’ve been live since January 5.

Our previous point of sale, Keystroke, was very basic; it was a general purpose point of sale – it could be used for restaurants and it wasn’t geared towards paint sales at all. It wasn’t tailored to our specific needs, but it worked fine when we were dealing with mostly retail customers.

We’re still learning how to use Rundoo, since we’ve experienced it for less than a month, but we’ve come across great features such as emailing invoices and statements, which are huge - and our customers are very happy with that. Prior to us going live, they were able to set up a temporary system for us to play with and get comfortable which was a big help to us.

Everybody that I’ve dealt with at Rundoo – Max, Andrew, and Tyler, were beyond helpful. There’s not one thing I think that Rundoo can improve in their system as of now. We were actually the very first remote set up, and it was a very easy transition from Keystroke. The team at Rundoo did all of the work.

We set up all of the hardware the night before, walked in at 8 o’clock in the morning and we were ready to go. We had support the whole day if we needed it, but Rundoo is so simple to use that we didn’t really need it. The Live Chat feature is amazing with how fast we get answers.

I would highly recommend this system to any paint store that is looking to improve their way of doing business!  


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