How Colors Inc Switched Point-of-Sale Systems Without Losing Customer Engagement

Durango, Colorado
Benjamin Moore
Previous POS
Jude Behn
With the Joe and Max from Rundoo

MY JOURNEY with Colors Inc started 16 years ago when I was working as a paint contractor. I ended up buying Colors Inc which was a big change in my career path. I went from having 25 employees down to just 2 at the store. It was like jumping into a pool without knowing how to swim.

I wanted to narrow my focus from a large contracting crew to a smaller, more focused retail team, but also because I used to be a customer at Colors Inc and noticed they were doing things in a weird way. I started asking questions and realized there were lots of things I could do to make the business work better. So that was it; I bought the shop and went from there.

One thing that I noticed was slowing them down and not optimizing business operations was their point-of-sale system. More recently, I found out Quickbooks point-of-sale was going to close in October, so I got in touch with my Benjamin Moore rep who told me about Decor Fusion and Rundoo.

I checked out both Decor Fusion and Rundoo, and when I talked to Nick and Joe, it hit me. My whole business was about being efficient and changing things up, and Rundoo was a part of that change for me. Rundoo had something different to offer. They were younger and more flexible. I didn't want to just be another number to a big company; I wanted to work together with the team and grow with Rundoo.

When I was looking to switch point-of-sale system, what mattered most to me was finding the right fit for us. Some other companies had been around longer and were more established, but Rundoo had something the others didn't: an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. One of my employees isn't very tech-savvy, so it was really important to me that he could figure out Rundoo's system and feel involved in the switching process. I knew change would be tough for him, so I wanted to make the switch as easy as possible. The other systems just looked too complicated. Rundoo not only offered a simple solution that would help me streamline my business, but also had great customer support that made it so easy for my employees to learn how to operate their software effectively.

I have this memory that highlights my experience with Rundoo but also shows the difference between them and competitors. It was a Sunday evening, the night before the “go-live” of Rundoo’s system at Colors Inc. I had the Rundoo team in my store handling all these technical tasks that I wouldn't have known how to do and a customer service helpline wouldn't have been able to explain effectively. They were preparing to get all the data ready for our opening on Monday morning, and that experience was by far the most personalized and best customer service I have ever seen in the industry. Their commitment to helping their customers is incomparable to any other competitors, and not just because they are smaller, but because Rundoo makes you a part of their family who they would do anything for.

Switching to Rundoo is a collaboration, and we are part of an evolving process. The product is continually getting better, and we see improvements all the time. I'm really proud to have been involved in this, and I'm excited to see where Rundoo goes and how many people they help.


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