How Hollister Paints Uses Rundoo to Keep Track of Customer Orders

Hollister, California
Benjamin Moore
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Lance Goularte
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BACK IN 1927, my great-grandfather founded Hollister Paints, and this year marks my 26th year in the business, so you could say paint runs in my family's veins! I'm a fourth-generation Goularte at Hollister Paint, and I initially entered the business during my college summers, a decision that led me to skip returning to college altogether. At the heart of Hollister Paints lies our commitment to family (my mom is still part of the team today!) and providing exceptional customer service. We're always tidying up and organizing –  fair to say I love to be neat, a touch of perfectionism!

Around January 2022, Nick approached us, presenting the vision of Rundoo's platform and seeking feedback. I shared with him the things I wanted in a point-of-sale system, and a few months later, he returned with an initial version that included all my requests. His attentiveness was a big reason that led us to switch to Rundoo. Nick's dedication and the platform's tailored design for paint stores were really unique. Also, with the news that Quickbook's point-of-sale, our existing system, was shutting down, I explored other options. Yet, most didn’t have the features that Rundoo offered. The convenience of accessing it from any computer or the mobile app to check sales when I'm not in the office is incredible – it saves me from constantly calling or checking with the manager.

In the past, a big challenge we faced was receiving complaints from contractors if something was purchased on their account, and we couldn't trace the buyer. With Rundoo, you can have a requirement to add a PO, job location, and buyer details when purchasing on a charge account. This is just one of the many features that have successfully resolved major issues in our business.

Lots of these valuable features that benefit us today were created out of collaboration. I provided Nick with lots of insights into what a paint shop requires from a point-of-sale system, and he genuinely listened, incorporating these ideas into the product. We truly felt like active members of the Rundoo team.

This collaborative effort made the transition to Rundoo incredibly smooth. Nick spent the entire day in the store, providing training and assisting us with transactions on the system. Such dedicated customer service is a rarity. Not only was Rundoo highly supportive from the outset, but they remain so to this day. Whenever we call the helpline, we get immediate answers, and if they happen to miss a call, they quickly call us back. They lend a hand with everything, and they do it in such a  friendly manner.

Many people normally resist change once they've found something that works well, and I get that, as we were in the same boat. However, once you make that leap, it's truly worth it. Similar to Hollister, Rundoo places their "Rundoo family" (paint shops) and customer service at the forefront of their business.


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