How Sonoma Paint Center Streamlines Business Operations in Rundoo

Sonoma, California
Benjamin Moore
Previous POS
Decor Fusion
John Barnes
With the Rundoo team on Go-Live day in January 2023

I STARTED managing a small paint store in 1993 and took ownership in 2003. I now have four locations in Northern California. Over time, I accumulated a ton of different service providers– Decor for my POS, Worldpay for my card processing, etc.– but I switched to Rundoo for all of it back in January. I want to tell you a bit about it.What struck me most when I met the Rundoo team was their passion! Nick and Joe came to my store and spent a ton of time with me, really taking the time to understand my business.

They were curious and genuine. Over the next few weeks, we chatted regularly about store processes, their design prototypes, and even features they built directly from my suggestions. From the beginning, I felt like I was a part of the team. They really listened to what I needed and made it happen. I was shocked to see how much progress they made in between our conversations. After a month or so, we sat back down and they walked me through the core part: the point-of-sale. Honestly, it was everything I asked for and more!

It was super easy to navigate. Really intuitive. This was important to me because I keep bringing on new employees and seasonal help to assist with our growth.

Rundoo helps me gain valuable insight into my business and helps me improve my margins. For example, it is way easier for me to track my costs by vendor so that I know I’m always paying the best price for inventory.

Rundoo is exactly what I was looking for: a whole platform to manage my entire business from one place: my POS, inventory, payments, mobile, eComm and more, all connected and speaking to each other.


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