How Drake's Paint Sped Up Their Process with Rundoo

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by Dan Drake

My dad and two uncles started Drakes because they were painters down in southern California who then moved to Southern Oregon, and there was no good paint around. A customer requested Ben Moore, and there wasn’t a store in the valley at the time so they had to drive for hours to pick up paint for customers. They were doing this on a regular basis until they realized two things: this was not sustainable, and it highlighted a huge gap in the market.

So Drakes was started at first to serve them! They wanted good quality paint for themselves. In 2005, my dad and his cousin John saw how well it was doing and decided to officially set up Drake’s, and it's been in the family since 2005. Overall it's been great working here, and it’s now in my blood!

With the Rundoo team on Go-Live day

We had been operating on Decor Fusion point-of-sale system for a while and were in talks with Decor a while back about some custom configurations that felt necessary. This was until Epicor bought them, and then the communication stopped. We started looking into other systems and looked at Autologue for a bit but realized we wanted a system that was going to give us the customer service and attention that we give our customers.

At the same time, some folks from Rundoo called and I got to chatting with them and realized that Nick and Joe were the type of people that care about my business. I had faith in Rundoo and the product because of how much I trusted the team. Nick and Joe’s personalities and commitment to me are something you don’t often see in a software company. It's basically impossible to find the personal commitment that Rundoo gave me.

The switch to Rundoo was super smooth, it took about 2 days and Nick and Joe came out here to help us with it. Rundoo is pretty self-explanatory, and we didn't need a lot of training to understand and use their system. There are always some growing pains when going from something you know well to something you don’t, but their customer service response time was nearly instantaneous, whereas with Decor it was around 2 hours. This made the switch so much easier. My favorite thing about Rundoo is the rate at which it loads. The lag time of our old system was considerable, but there is no lag time with Rundoo: it is fast and simple.

I would highly recommend that folks looking to switch to Rundoo start looking soon. When we joined it was still in progress, but now Rundoo is really state of the art. Look at the functionalities they are going to offer soon and the team they have: they are building a system like nothing else in this industry. Decor is good, but Rundoo is the future. They are building a platform that all other competitors will take years to catch up to.


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